About Us

Azar Steel Fan Avaranco. has been began its wide activity by commercial name of Fan Avaran This company with acquirement of country and Zone requirements, and passing different stages by odservance of correct bases of engineering in technical plan, and using of skilled and expeienced executive staff, and taking required authorization from mines and industries administration and industrial researchandstandard office and producing Water Heater, steam, Hot water and Warm water Boilers. The three pass boilers of Azar Steel Fan Avaran are produced by experienced workers with modern systems, raw materials in good quality according standard .These products frequently and , continuously are controlled in an stage. So this company offer creditable productions for customers, customers can rely on boilers of Azar Steel Fan Avaran. Steam, Hot water and warm water boilers of this company are made from DIN 17155-17Mn4 sheets , and fireproof tubes of DIN 17175 S.T35.8 electrodes of 6013, 7018 as a before heated by welder Who have PQR, WPS Certificate. Often the covers of productions are steel sheet which have proportionate insulate. Also the equipment of boilers are in good which are used without difficulty in many years. The productions of this company are made for residential complex, offices, Food industries, hospitals, hotels and attractive sites. Azar Steel Fan Avaran company with having technical staff for after sale services, announce its readliness in annual inspection of boilers by authorized experts from social affairs and occupation organization and standard firm.